Furniture Covers For Your Outdoor Patio

Our outdoor patio furniture sometimes needs to have covers placed on them for protection from the elements, especially in areas that have cold, wet winters. This is now the end of September so it is a good time to think about protecting that wonderful patio furniture. We want to use this furniture again next year and we have no place to store it, so we need to cover it.

You want purchase the best furniture covers that you can afford for you type of patio furniture. There are covers for chairs, sofas, umbrella tables including the center hole, and covers made exclusively for the umbrella itself. You may not be able to find covers that fit gliders, ottomans, some tables, cushions, and loungers perfectly but you should be able to find something very close. If your particular furniture has removable cushions it would probably be better if you stored them in the garage.

The covers should be properly constructed for easy installation and removal. Those that have the hook and loop closure are preferred over the ones made with a zipper. A metal zipper has a tendency to rust and the plastic type will probably break apart. If you purchase from a retail store make sure the information tag tells you how they were sewn together. You also want to make sure the furniture covers are waterproof; you want your furniture protected from all types of moisture including a little precipitation. There are covers out there that are not waterproof so be very careful.

Because of the fact that some areas of the country will not get much sunshine in the winter, but the rays are still coming through, you need to be sure the outdoor furniture covers are UV treated. If the covers are treated your furniture will be protected and will last for many years to come.

It is possible that you already have outdoor furniture covers - for your particular furniture. Some furniture manufacturers also make the covers for that furniture, if so the best time to buy the covers is when you purchase the furniture. If your brand of patio furniture does not make furniture covers measuring the furniture is the next best thing. When you purchase these covers make sure they are just a little larger than what you measured so they will fit your furniture.

Why should we cover our outdoor furniture? Simple, they will protect the furniture and its life expectancy will be longer. If we keep the covers maintained and cleaned you in return extend their life. While the covers are still on the furniture is probably the best time to clean them. A mild detergent and warm water will probably work quite well. The best way is to use a towel or soft brush for application, scrub, and then rinse well using a garden hose.

For treating mildew and stains on your covers, mix a solution of one cup of bleach, half cup mild detergent into a gallon of water. Pour some of this solution into a spray bottle and thoroughly wet the stain or mildew and then wait several minutes. Finally rinse with clean water and be sure to dry completely. If they are not completely dry before folding you will probably have a more serious problem of mold to deal with in the spring.